Frequently Asked Questions – Groups

When you say “large group” paddling, how large can our group be?

During our summer season we have 60 kayaks and 25 paddle boards available for rent

How much deposit, if any, do we need to make up front for our group to paddle at Moss Bay?

In order to guarantee equipment use, a 20% reusable deposit is required to guarantee the reservation – balance is due day of the event This commitment is important for large group events since there are numerous groups who want to reserve the equipment during our peak use season.

Are there certain benefits of having guides rather than trying to paddle on our own?

Yes, numerous benefits. Our trained guides will provide at least 5 important benefits for your large group paddling adventure:

  • Much greater peace of mind about water safety
  • On the water equipment adjustments, if necessary
  • A sound and reasonable trip plan so your group has fun and gets back on time
  • Assistance with paddling in a tandem boat if someone becomes tired
  • Eagle eyes for spotting any potential course collisions with sail boats on the lake

Do we absolutely have to make a 20% deposit if our group is uncertain about how many of us will actually attend?

Yes if you plan on using our guide service or simply want to guarantee that equipment will be reserved for your group. No, if you have a small group of adults and simply want to take your chances that ample equipment will be available at the time you want it.