Kayaking Sessions Summary

Below is an outline of our Sessions 1 & 2 for our Kayaking lessons.

Session 1 will cover

  1. Sit up tall at the stroke’s catch (beginning) and release (end) positions.
  2. The paddle motion should be continuous, like swimming, with no jerking.
  3. Have a soft grip on the paddle with the pushing and pulling hands at all times.
  4. The upper hand is about nose height through most of the paddling motion.
  5. On the stroke, keep your chest parallel to the paddle shaft by rotating your abdomen and hips about 40 degrees, & making an 85-degree paddle arc.
  6. At the end of the stroke quickly let your upper shoulder drop and relax.
  7. Do an emergency stop by back dragging the paddle next to your hips.
  8. Steer and turn the boat with 3 different paddle strokes, not the rudder.
  9. Balance the boat with hip swing, low brace, and high brace.

Session 2 will cover

  1. Do a 4-way boat safety check of hatches, hull bottom, screws along the gunwales, and bulkheads – flotation chambers.
  2. Do a 4-way equipment adjustment for: leg length, backrest, steering tension, and spray skirt placement.
  3. Enter the boat using a paddle brace when sitting, squatting, and standing.
  4. Push away from the dock or shore with a high brace or pivoting with the hull.
  5. Demonstrate 4 basic drills that will continually improve your paddling.
  6. Perform the 5 essential skills necessary to use equipment at other outfitter locations.
  7. Have the blades (paddle tips) enter the water at the same speed the boat is moving.
  8. Have the blades (paddle tips) enter the water with a knifing motion that produces little splashing of the water.
  9. When paddling continuously for more than 10 minutes, practice the use of recovery cycles of 50%, 30%, and 10% in order to preserve energy and propel the boat under power.
  10. Your head and nose height remain unchanged throughout the stroke
  11. Successfully deploy the paddle float; describe 4 ways to exit a spray skirt.
  12. Can do a self-rescue, buddy rescue, and partially submerged boat rescue.