Quarterly and Annual Membership

Are you an avid kayaker? Do you like the rush of beating into the wind on a sailboat? Is paddle boarding your thing?

No matter what small boat you prefer, Moss Bay has you covered. Either a quarterly or annual membership entitles you to use any of our equipment that you are trained and checked out to use. Members can enjoy the kayaks & paddle boards during hours 7 days a week (sailboats M-F). Kayaking and paddle boarding are unlimited! You can enjoy the sail boats one hour per day from June 1st – Sept 1st (M-F 330pm to 730pm during summer season, not available on weekends). It makes a lot of sense to kayak, paddle board or sail at Moss Bay instead of buying your own boating equipment and struggling with storage, maintenance, and resale. Benefits also include – bring a friend out in a double kayak for $5 and hour, take up to three friends sailing for free, 10% discounts on Take-Away rentals, 10% discount on lessons.

  • Quarterly Membership – $225
  • Annual Membership – $450

Membership Agreement

As a quarterly or annual member at Moss Bay you can enjoy having access to the following benefits during normal hours of seasonal operation.

  • Summer Hours: JUNE 1st – SEPT 1st OPEN 9am-8pm MON-SAT & SUN 9am-7pm
  • Fall Hours: SEPTEMBER OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 10am-7pm
  • Winter Hours: OCTOBER – APRIL OPEN THU-MON 11am-445 pm (closed on Tue and Wed)
  • Spring Hours: MAY OPEN WED-MON 10am-7pm (closed Tue)
  1. Unlimited Daily access to paddle boards and kayaking equipment I have been approved to use (year round) during club hours. (see seasonal club hours above)
  2. Week day Sailboat (Hobie Getaway) access for 1 hour (JUNE 1st – Sept 1st): Sail boats are available for use M-F 330pm-730pm. Last boat can be taken out 1.5 hours before we close and must return 1/2 hour before close (NO EXCEPTIONS). All members who want to sail MUST pass a written test and a on the water sailing test before going out (even if you have been a member in previous years). These are offered Mon, Wed & Thur between 4pm and 630pm (must schedule an appointment with at least 24 hours notice
  3. Opportunity to refresh small boat handling skills through participation in Moss Bay lessons at 10% off
  4. Reduced rate on tandem kayak rentals ($5/hr) with a friend during club hours. All friends must leave behind a picture ID and sign a MB waiver (every time). You may NOT use the ID of the member
  5. Bring friends sailing at no cost to them (up to three friends can go w/ you for free for one hour). A non member must leave behind a valid ID and all guests must sign a waiver every time
  6. 10% off on take-away kayak rentals – must sign MB take-away form each time out
  7. Upgrade a quarterly membership to an annual membership, within a week of its expiration (9 more months is same cost as the 1st 3 months)


  1. As a quarterly or annual member at Moss Bay I will abide by all of the following responsibilities in order to maintain my membership privileges:
  2. Take out only the boating equipment I am authorized to use according to Moss Bay policies (sailboat skill test)
  3. Return with sailboats after one hour of use or pay the old regular hourly rate of $30/hr + tax (all sailboats in one half hour before closing – last boat leaves one hour prior to that)!
  4. Sign out in the club log book each time before using the equipment, and sign in upon my return
  5. Abide by all club “safety requirements and limits” included in club training and check-out rules
  6. Report any equipment breakage immediately to Moss Bay Staff
  7. All member quests must sign the MB waiver each time out and leave a picture ID behind (not the members ID)
  8. Must hold and rig sail boats each time with no staff help (we will pull the boats around). Wear life jackets (not just have them on the boat). When finished it is required that you drop the mainsail and roll it, roll the jib and cleanup all the sheets (we will put the boat away)
  9. NO Alcohol is allowed in the MB boats at any time – this will result in loss of membership with no refund.
  10. Members using equipment before or after club hours will lose their membership with NO REFUND and NO 2nd CHANCE