Moss Bay Kids Camp Day 1

Day 1: About Being Smooth

Your child is learning how to:

  • Paddle Board
  • How to hold the paddle.
  • How to get on and off the board
  • Where to stand on the board (or sit)
  • Wide base, bent knees, hand on top
  • How to stop, turn left and right
  • Best ways to balance
  • What to do if they fall off


  • Safely enter and exit the kayak using their paddle as a bridge.
  • Have a soft grip on the paddle.
  • Push more with their upper paddling hand than they pull with their lower hand.
  • Rotate their chest, without moving their head, as they drive the boat through the water.
  • Let their shoulder shrug at the end of the stroke as they take the paddle out of the water.
  • Keep their upper hand chin height on the drive, rather than above their head.


  • Help rig the sailboat before leaving the dock.
  • Sort out the sheets (lines) for easy maneuvering when under way.
  • Position the boat into the wind as they push off the dock.
  • Turn the boat into the wind (tack), with smooth fluid tiller movements.
  • Instruct their boat mates about when they are preparing to turn.
  • Also turn the boat away from the wind (jibe) without snapping the sails too much.
  • Learn how to pick a target on land to steer toward (dead reckon).
  • Keep their eyes constantly moving in all directions for oncoming boats.