Moss Bay Kids Camp Day 2

Day 2: About Being Balanced

Your child is learning how to:

  • Paddle Board
  • How to hold the paddle.
  • How to get on and off the board
  • Where to stand on the board (or sit)
  • Wide base, bent knees, hand on top
  • How to stop, turn left and right
  • Best ways to balance
  • What to do if they fall off


  • Effortlessly drop the paddle in the water.
  • Sit up tall throughout the stroke motion with only perceptible head movement.
  • Whenever possible cut through waves rather than take them broadside.
  • Keep your chest up, chin up, and shoulders down and relaxed through the stroke.
  • Do the hula motion with your hips to keep the boat balanced when experiencing waves.
  • Make powerful paddle entries into the water without leaning or tipping.


  • Continually shift body weight from starboard to port side in order to keep the hull flat.
  • Use the hiking stick if necessary to shift body weight outboard and continue to steer.
  • Quickly releasing the sheets if the sail is drawn too tight and the boat begins to heel over.
  • In coming about, smoothly and quickly shift body weight during the turning motion.
  • Always be prepared to quickly release a cleated sheet in gusty winds.
  • Continually scan the sheets for the main and jib to ensure they are free and unknotted.