Moss Bay Kids Camp Day 3

Day 3: About Rhythm

Your child is learning how to:

  • Paddle Board
  • How to hold the paddle.
  • How to get on and off the board
  • Where to stand on the board (or sit)
  • Wide base, bent knees, hand on top
  • How to stop, turn left and right
  • Best ways to balance
  • What to do if they fall off


  • Make a slight pause at the end of the stroke to improve glide before the next stroke.
  • Rotate the entire torso toward the paddle as it glides through the water.
  • Establish a stroke rhythm that can be sustained over the entire distance.
  • In crossing winds use steering strokes that maintain help rhythm.


  • When giving turning commands to boat mates, give enough lead-time so they can help.
  • When skipper yells, “helms a lee” to turn the boat, release the jib as sheet tension softens.
  • After completing the turn, draw in the sheets to help maximize efficiency and stability.
  • In jibing, retract the boom prior to the jibe to minimize any mast damage.