Moss Bay Kids Camp Day 4

Day 4: About Being Powerful

Your child is learning how to:

  • Paddle Board
  • How to hold the paddle.
  • How to get on and off the board
  • Where to stand on the board (or sit)
  • Wide base, bent knees, hand on top
  • How to stop, turn left and right
  • Best ways to balance
  • What to do if they fall off


  • Sit up very tall, with a braced back as the paddle enters the water.
  • Have your paddle blade enter the water the same speed as water is rushing by the boat.
  • Position your hands at least 1.5 times the width of your shoulders apart on the stroke.
  • Have your paddle enter the water at least as fast as the water is rushing under the boat.
  • Emphasize pushing with the upper paddling arm over pulling with the lower paddle arm.
  • On the stroke, rotate from the pelvis at least 45 degrees.


  • Keep the hull speed up as you enter an upwind or downwind turn.
  • Refrain from letting the boat get in irons where the jib cannot help generate hull speed.
  • Feel the best combination of course setting and sail trimming to maximize hull speed.