Takeaway Kayak Rentals

For the more adventurous kayaker, Moss Bay kayaks may be rented for take away to your favorite remote waterway by the day, weekend, or week! Many Seattleites and out-of-town visitors rent from us for their overnight paddling expeditions through the San Juan Islands, the scenic waterways of beautiful British Columbia, or the hundreds of amazing freshwater lakes in the area.

Great Reasons to Take Away from Moss Bay

  • Great location for pick up and return of kayaks
  • Excellent / Durable single and double kayaks for all excursions
  • All basic paddling accessories included
  • Early pick up and late drop off – FREE
  • Included in all kayak take away rentals is a paddle, life jacket, paddle float, pump, and spray skirt (straps and foam bricks too if needed).
  • Available May-Oct
  • 7 day rental max (including the late drop day, not the early pick up day)

One of the most convenient features about Moss Bay’s overnight take away rentals is that the rental period begins the evening before and ends the morning after the rental period. This allows for transportation of your kayak so that you spend your rental time actually paddling at your destination site, rather than wasting your rental time driving in the car. For example, if you rent a kayak for Saturday and Sunday (summer season), Moss Bay allows you to pick up the kayak between 530pm and 7pm on Friday, returning the boat between 9am and 11am Monday so you get the most out of your rental (please ask for early pick up and late drop off times for off season hours)! Early pick up during our summer hours is 530 pm-7pm M-Sa and 5pm-6pm on Sundays. Late drop off is 9am-11am 7 days a week. Please check in for off season times. We do take-away rentals May-Oct!

For take away rentals, we require full payment upon pick up of the boats and equipment, and signatures of all participants on our liability and release form. In addition, Moss Bay requires a deposit against the equipment in the form of an authorization on a major credit card. All boats must be rented and returned between 9am and 7pm, 6pm on Sundays (Summer season). A pick up or drop off typically takes about 30 min so please plan accordingly. We are happy to help carry the boat(s) out to your car with you… BUT you are required to strap it down (insurance co. will not allow up to do this step). We require a minimum of 3 days notice for all take away rentals.

Takeaway Rental Rates

Single Kayaks

  • First Day – $75.00
  • Each Additional Day – $50.00
  • Week – $375.00

Double Kayaks

  • First Day – $100.00
  • Each Additional Day – $60.00
  • Week – $460.00